Kelly Diels.

I'm a feminist marketing consultant

I help culture-making entrepreneurs & organizations bake their beliefs into their business practices.
The outcome? Businesses that generate money and justice.

Over the last

10 years...

I’ve worked with NY Times best-selling authors, national and international feminist organizations, and thousands of online entrepreneurs.

Founders. Coaches. Activists. Artists. Educators. Healers. Creatives. The culture-making leaders I work with are using their lives and resources to build a future in which we ALL flourish.


In other words:

we are the culture-makers.

and so are you

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hat Gets In Our Way

In the business world -- and in mainstream business training programs -- we learn that if we want to be successful we’re going to have to swallow our principles, hide who we are, and fit into the system.

For a long time I believed that to be true. I thought that in order to grow my career and my business, I was going to have to be a lot less me.

Less committed to justice. Less of a threat. Smaller. Prettier. Easier to consume.

But the more I tried to be someone else -- the perfect woman, The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand -- the less I was bringing to the table.

If I’m at a meeting self-surveilling and worrying about other people’s biases against me, for example, then there’s less space inside my own head for my own good ideas to surface.


Trying to fit into the status quo in order to be successful was undermining the very qualities I needed to make an impact.

When we stop telling the truth about our lives and the world,
we dial down our power.


This is true in our personal lives & careers AND in our businesses & platforms -- so


That doesn’t mean shouting or being loud (though it can, feel free!). It means connecting-the-dots between our culture and our practices...and deciding to do things differently.

Different behaviours. Different strategies. Different stories. Different policies. Different practices.

Tiny acts of doing-it-differently can produce significant cultural change.


Note: Building social justice into your business practices does NOT mean you will earn less money.

The opposite can be true.

Five years ago, when I started doing business in a way that aligned with my feminist beliefs, my income tripled in less than 18 months.

Why? Because I stopped feel embarrassed by my sales + marketing tactics. Instead, I felt energized by my new feminist business practices...and so I promoted my business more often and more enthusiastically.

Political integrity + personal alignment can be a revenue driver and a success tool. Let's use it.

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And That is

Our Work Together:

  • Unlearning the toxic social conditioning, policies & practices that make us complicit in our oppression and the oppression of others
  • Remembering our culture making power and USING IT
  • Integrating our social justice principles into our daily lives and our business practices
  • Learning how to build transformative businesses and flourish right now -- even while we navigate an unjust status quo (let’s not wait)


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That’s why

I’m here.

This is what I do. I help culture-making entrepreneurs build businesses that generate money and justice -- so we can co-create a future in which we all flourish.

Because we are the culture makers and we always have been.

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Want to integrate your beliefs into your business practices and grow a business that makes money AND justice?

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About Me, Personally:


I am the first in my family to graduate from university; I have a BA with honours in Poli Sci; I won academic prizes, scholarships and admissions to prestigious schools…yet still managed to get pregnant and drop out of grad school before finishing my thesis.

My five children are black, which means I have a ringside seat for the bias, discrimination and harassment they live with on a daily basis — and our anger, anguish and grief drives me to deliberately unlearn my own privilege + social conditioning and use whatever resources I’ve got (like my business and my platform) to change our unjust and dehumanizing cultural systems.

I have significant family ties and financial responsibilities in both Canada and Trinidad and we have lived for extended periods of time in each country (I’m currently in Canada).

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I welcome critique and feedback; I think conflict is generative and essential to the project of change-making…and I get a lot of illegitimate and frankly predatory pushback that I do not accept (nor will I allow it to silence or stop me).

My feminism is inclusive and about equity + justice.

I invite you to check out my teachers + formative influences here and my feminist business practices here.

Seriously, please read them.

This isn’t about optics or personality or how charming or persuasive I am; this is about building our analyses, practices and power -- so that we’ve got the skills we need to create a future in which we all flourish.

Let’s Grow Thriving Businesses and a Whole New Culture, Together

All this to say: I am here to help culture-making entrepreneurs and organizations build transformative businesses that are good for us -- personally and collectively.

Because better businesses and a better world ARE possible.

Let’s make them, together. #WeAreTheCultureMakers

Want to grow a business that makes money AND justice?