yes, yes, YES that’s the spot. The sweet spot. The space between. Intersection. Connection. Cleavage:

Heart-wrenching epistles of righteousness that WILL make you a better person; unreasonable advice; private confessions that don’t make it to the blog;  salacious stories; loved-up recommendations of books and people and products you need to know about; writing exercises; musings; messages from the muse; and maybe even a hot pic of a smart chick in a corset (once, only once, but it was me and I reserve the right to do it again).

That’s what you’ll receive when you subscribe – it’s free! – by e-mail.

So Do You Want More Cleavage? Direct to Your Inbox?

why, you naughty minx, you.

Of course I’m happy to oblige, with

  • regular(ish) blog posts (one to two per week)


  • the occasional love letter containing secrets, offerings and secret offerings.

And of course I will NEVAH EVAH share your private details with anyone else.

(Your secrets and your email address are safe with me. Promise.)

So, if sex, money and meaning – and writing the lines that shape us – is your thing, say yes, yes, YES and I’ll send you more of each.

*didja notice the crack all the way through my very sophisticated Venn diagram? Even my flatbed scanner has cleavage.

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