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We Are The Culture Makers

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Written by Kelly Diels

What’s a Culture Maker?

You don’t have to have a fancy title or an artsy career
to be a culture-maker (but you can if you want to!).

When you get brave and go first
and say something that makes others realize they’re not alone,
you are a culture-maker.

When you lift your voice to reject racism
and homophobia
and ableism
(and, and, and),
you are a culture maker.

When you share and declare on Facebook or Instagam,
you are asserting new norms and you are a culture-maker.

When you paint, write, coach, and offer counsel around those new norms
and market without leveraging oppression,
you are making a new culture.

You have that power.
We all do.

Every single one of us is a culture maker.
Let’s make a better one.


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Before You Hit Share on Facebook, Do This

be willing to be uncomfortABLE

Don’t (Just) Unfriend Them

Every week, I send you a

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I write them so that…

  1. You remember your culture-making power
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Let’s create a future in which we all flourish.

Are you in?
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