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systematic oppression

White Men

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Written by Kelly Diels

  • 80% of Congress
  • 78% of state political executives
  • 75% of state legislators
  • 84% of mayors of the top 100 cities
  • 85% of corporate executive officers
  • 100% of CEOS of Wall Street firms
  • 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs
  • 73% of tenured professors
  • 64% of newsroom staffers
  • 97% of heads of venture capital firms
  • 90% of tech jobs in Silicon Valley
  • 97% of owners of television and radio licenses
  • 87% of police departments
  • 68% of US Circuit Court Judges*

systematic oppression

Soraya Chemaly presented this comprehensive list of stats in her lightning-sharp piece in Time about how the campus protests are a critique of white male privilege.

Chemaly also writes in that piece that “shifting language to describe advantage instead of disadvantage results in greater positive effect and spurs people to collective action.”

Click! (Ms)

A-ha moment! (Oprah)

Instead of trying to convince people that racism and sexism exist, let’s document and discuss and confront privilege. It makes people uncomfortable but it provokes material change.

You can find Soraya Chemaly here:



Twitter: @schemaly 



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