What To Do In Overwhelmingly Troubled Times

By Kelly Diels / February 27, 2022 /

I’ve been sending this email every few months for several years, to rally people when we’re most despairing. The world should NOT be as it is, and we do have…

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The Patriarchal Promise, Part 2

By Kelly Diels / April 11, 2018 / Comments Off on The Patriarchal Promise, Part 2

There is a reason many men feel like they have been wronged or disenfranchised. They believed that the promise of patriarchy included them, but it didn’t.

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Pursuing Work-Life Balance Preserves the Status Quo

By Kelly Diels / April 21, 2016 /

Women are not failing to lean in and we’re not failing at work-life balance; work and life – which is to say, our society – are failing us.

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The Mandatory, Frogmarched Return of The Good Girl

By Kelly Diels / November 24, 2015 /

Leaders, teachers, women: do not urge me to be happy. Encourage me to be whole.

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