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What’s a Culture Maker? You don’t have to have a fancy title or an artsy career to be a culture-maker (but you can if you want to!). When you get brave and go first and...

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Five Egregious Internet Marketing No-Nos

Overall: consciously refuse to perpetuate or replicate in your marketing and sales funnels...
cartoon of 1950s man in suit with his feet propped up on table saying "it's not my problem" about the so-called "feminist pendulum"

Feminism, Femininity and The Swinging Pendulum. A Question for You.

AKA Blame Feminism    This essay is part 3 of my work on The...
The Context for The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brrand

Not Enough Compensation in the World

A Rather Long Note on the Cultural Context of  The Female Lifestyle Empowerment...
Pop art vintage comic. A woman with a poster and place for text. Girl in retro style. Advertising

The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. An introduction.

Somewhere, on the edge of consciousness, there is what I call a mythical...
a still-life of my brain

Women, Work, Creativity, Leisure and Time. Because Time is a Feminist Issue.

I was looking for answers. I was looking for help. So I looked...
flame dove flying from blue flire isolated on white background

Care is a 4-letter word. So is help.

This week I asked a question of my Twitter and Facebook peeps: Do you...
systematic oppression

White Men

80% of Congress 78% of state political executives 75% of state legislators 84% of...
this is what a happy angry woman looks like

The Mandatory, Frogmarched Return of The Good Girl

Hands up, who has spent the last eight or eighteen years trying to...
women are my super power

Women are jealous, women pull up the ladder. Lies.

Women are jealous of other women's success. I read versions of this myth...
let there be light

You are Light

The morning after the Paris massacres, I got up very early, shepherded my...

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