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We Are The Culture Makers

What’s a Culture Maker? You don’t have to have a fancy title or an artsy career to be a culture-maker (but you can if you want to!). When you get brave and go first and...

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We are the Media Makers and the Culture Makers

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Feminist Marketing Tools 611

Feminist Marketing Tool 611: Stop Charging Extra for Payment Plans and Do This Instead

Fact: most women entrepreneurs are significantly undercapitalized. Only 16% of small business loans...
Feminist Marketing Tools 521

Feminist Marketing Tool #521: Refresh Consent with a Pre-Launch Email

Sending a pre-launch email seeking to refresh consent is a culture-making move. It...
The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand

The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand, Mental Triggers, and Weaponized Imperfection

Feminist Marketing Tool #811: Avoid Using Weaponized Imperfection or Leveraging Privilege to Build...
For me, copywriting

For Me, Copywriting Equals Livelihood and Power (And I Trust You With Power and Resources)

Photo by Anastasia Chomlack Copywriting is Power-building In 2008,...
More tools

More Tools for Culture Makers: Signal Boost. Refer. Mentor

When Gloria Steinem speaks or attends events, she always brings a few young...
stock photos

Feminist Marketing Tip #1220: A Feminist Approach to Stock Photos

Images are an essential business resource and they have culture-making power. For a...

We are the Media Makers and the Culture Makers

The nefarious, sexist media isn't 'out there'. WE are media makers. We have...
what it means to be a culture maker

What it Means to Be a Culture Maker in Your Business and Media

On my website, the first thing you'll see is the statement: "We are...
apps can be feminist choices

Feminist Marketing Tool #220: Leverage Your Line Items (Software, Apps, Digital Marketing Tools)

One of my biggest expenses in my own business is apps and software,...
Culture making =

Culture making = tiny acts of doing-it-differently

This is what I mean when I say 'we are the culture makers':...

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