About Me, Kelly Diels

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Writer, mother, lover, fighter.

I’m a writer and a marketing consultant and my approach is based upon the marketing strategies of movements and revolutionaries (if you’ve worked with me you’ll be able to testify).

My chief inspirations for how to get visible and get sh*t done are the Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr – the man was a master strategist – and the black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde.

Oh, Audre Lorde. She is my personal shero. If I were ever to defer unthinkingly to authority – which we all know isn’t about to happen, right? – it would be to hers. She is an elder in the fullest sense of the word. I reread her work every summer and refer to her in nearly every marketing consult. As marketing consultants are wont to do.

I’m also a writer and social critic (you can find some of my essays at Salon, Jezebel and xoJane); I have a BA with honours in Poli Sci; I have five children; and I’m an unrepentant feminist. My feminism is intersectional and about justice.

Love + Justice. Always.

And in all things – including careers, excellence and entrepreneurship.

Because, straight up, the reason so many of us get thwarted is not because we don’t lean in (though it helps when we do, aggressively) but because we’re barred entry. The glass ceiling is real.

So is the cement resume. Because here’s the truth: some of us are actively prevented from even getting started.

I digress.

(Not really.)

Here’s what I’m working on in 2016:

  1. Writing a book about The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. Spoiler alert: I’m not a fan of the phenomenon.
  2. Collaborating with other committed and vision-driven entrepreneurs to invent non-oppressive, non-smarmy ways to sell to women without selling them out. [In other words, I facilitate three Marketing MasterMinds for socially conscious entrepreneurs (I’m accepting new memberships for the group starting November 2016)]
  3. Facilitating a FREE private FB group for justice-minded and conscience-driven online entrepreneurs, of course, and if this is you, please c’mon in.
  4. I also do two-hour intensives with online entrepreneurs that help you define your core marketing message; audit all your main website copy; and map out your content and social media strategy. (You usually end up with a comprehensive but wildly achievable to-do list + a hefty dose of soul fire ‘n rocket fuel.) It’s a holistic and supremely strategic session designed to help you articulate your ideals and integrate them into your business vision so you can get visible and get known…while avoiding the trips and traps we observe and despair of in The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand.
  5. Until November 30, I’m offering 30 minute lightning sessions with idea-driven (and usually multi-passionate) entrepreneurs to help you identify the through-line between your ideals, interests, sale-able offerings, education, desires,  life story – in other words, all of youand use that to articulate and position your One True Marketing Message.

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 One last thing: thank you  for being here with me.

love + justice,