Generation E

How to consistently write generative, life-giving email newsletters

(without exhausting yourself or your audience)

...means you do NOT have to be relentlessly extractive.

...means your principles are part of your marketing and your marketing is part of your work (not a horrible deviation from it).

...means sharing what you've got without burning yourself out.

...means using your marketing as an organic form of self-expression.

...means growing as much -- or more! -- than you harvest.

Feminist E-mail Marketing...

Not everything we send 

has to be a tripwire into a funnel

You can send emails to your subscribers because you sincerely care.

You can send emails because you've got things they need.

You can send emails that are life-giving -- for you, and for your people.

And you can do that consistently without burning yourself out.

That's what this workshop can help you do.

Generation E


YOUR STEP-BY-STEP Newsletter Writing System

So You can Consistently Send Meaningful Email Newsletters

For socially-committed online entrepreneurs, artists, authors, healers, coaches + culture-makers

who want to use their newsletters to create value in their communities

and their businesses

Join the live workshop on 

Saturday December 28, 2019

9am to noon PST

(or get the replay)


* USD; All Sales Final; Canadian residents will pay 5% GST

You do NOT have to make everything a sales pitch 

nor do you have to refrain from selling

Let this workshop show you a different way to write your email newsletters

Meet Your Teacher

I do that without bombarding my subscribers.

I do that without making every email a sales pitch.

And so my list grows. My open rates are extraordinary. My workshops and programs are full.

I never feel smarmy or awful about sending emails to my subscribers...

because we're invested in each other. 

I'm Kelly Diels (she/her) and I'm a feminist marketing consultant.

I work with socially-committed online entrepeneurs striving to rise, personally, while also making a difference in our culture.

In my own body of work

one of the things I'm most proud of is my Sunday Love Letter.

Every week in my newsletter, I offer up what I'm good at -- analysis, dot-connecting, radical encouragement and pure feminist fortification -- as my contribution towards the world we're dreaming into existence.

And as I write these emails

(and consistently send them!),

I grow my skills and I grow my business.

ONE MORE THING: it's important to me that we get off the overwork hamster my newsletter writing methods are not about grinding it out. 

It's about developing the background processes + sequences we need to SUSTAINABLY create meaningful content.


Generative Email Marketing

Generation E 

What You Will Get in Your 

Generation E


Use the recording to refresh your memory and review the class (catch details you missed!) -- or, if you cannot attend live, work through it on your own time and terms

If you learn better from text, great! You'll get a workbook full of exercises, examples, step-by-step tech hacks, and swipe copy.

1. Live Teaching

This is an interactive workshop, not a lecture

It's designed to help you start assembling

the background processes + tech sequences of your newsletter writing --

so that when you leave, you're ready to CONSISTENTLY write + send your email newsletters. Right away.

You'll complete super-targeted, super-short writing exercises so you can get your brave + MEANINGFUL newsletter content flowing, easily  

Can't make it live?

Don't worry.

Attendance is optional because you'll receive the recording + transcript after the workshop

2. Recording

3. Workbook

Yes, you can do email marketing so that it's generative and life-giving 

(for you and your audience) 

rather than a soul-assasinating grind.

You can feel good about it.

You can create. You can self-express. 

You can offer.

And you can grow your business 

AND your culture-making contributions

at the same time.

Let's Take Care of Each Other

Let's grow enough to share.

Generation E

* USD; All Sales Final; Canadian residents will pay 5% GST


newsletter writing system 

that's good for you, your readers 

and your revenue

Join the live workshop on 

Saturday December 28, 2019

9am to noon PST

(or get the replay)


Thank you for being here with me.

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