I Promise to Listen With My Heart.

My loverloverman and I aren’t married (yet) (soon?) (soon!), but we make vows to each other on an almost-daily basis. The most significant, oft-repeated promise we make to each other is this:

I promise to listen with my heart.

This is, of course, trulymadlydeeply significant to me. It means that he can bring anything to me – things he might think are small or petty, things that he might otherwise be embarassed to admit, things that I am honoured to be trusted with – and I will listen with my heart, to his heart. I won’t freak out even if I FEEL like freaking out because that will ensure that next time, he’ll hesitate.

I don’t want him to hesitate. I want to hear it all. That’s what listening with my heart means.

It also means that I’ll tell him what I hear and offer my suggestions and we’ll change what is wrong and do more of what is right.

It means everything.

And, I’m starting to realize, our Big Love is informing and transforming everything I do. When we work together, I listen to you with my heart. It’s my way in love and my way in business.

More and more it seems that everything I know about business, I learned from love. Because all of  it is relationship.

And listening with your heart.


and I’m pretty sure I’ve thieved this phrase from my friend Jasmine Lamb. Or Pocahontas. Same dif.
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