35F. It’s NOT a Bra Size. It’s Better.

I hear the young man from Chicago tell the couple in his row – total strangers now privy to his secrets – that he’s going to Peru to declare his intentions to his girlfriend’s parents. My girlfriend, my girlfriend, my girlfriend, is how he starts almost every sentence.

When I was in the dating world, I used to think men were impervious, didn’t need a partner the way women – or at least I – did. Every guy I knew was trying to avoid a relationship, so I thought men didn’t need them. Listening to this proud, smitten young man braiding his girlfriend into his life and his every utterance, I know I was wrong about that – and about men.

The couple beside him are from Albuquerque, New Mexico. They lived in the same neighbourhood for years, had the same friends, but never met until they went to Vancouver, BC for a softball tournament. “It was the best weekend, ever,” I overhear the proud soon-to-be husband say, “Who knew I’d have to go all the way to Canada to find my girl?”

I hear. I overhear. I see. I see the husband of the woman seated beside me stand beside her, holding her hand like he hasn’t seen her in a month. I haven’t seen my man for a month. But this man has been seated at the front of the plane while his wife is in the back with me, separating for but a few hours from his wife of 31 years. They have four children, she tells me. Most of them are on the plane, because they’re going on a mission trip to Belize. Her husband’s a doctor and he’d be an ordinary-looking middle-aged man except for his eyes. His eyes are a stunning blue and they’re always on his wife. “Your husband is handsome,” I whisper to her when he walks away, because the way he visibly adores her transforms him from ordinary to extraordinary.

“You make me a better man,” my loverloverman keeps telling me over the phone, day after day when he’s away, and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

So that’s what I learned in seat 35F. Beside every good man is a well-loved woman.


quick note that has NOTHING to do with that story except that I just got off that plane and am now in a hotel room in Miami, desperate to get on another plane tomorrow to see my loverloverman. Desperate, I tell you.

I digress. What I wanted to say is this –

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