whip me good

Behind the emerald curtain. On Friday I got whipped by Erika Lyremark and it hurt so good.

I did it because several of you were raving about her, so I thought, let’s see. I thought I knew what it was – a freebie session with a coach aimed at getting me onboard as a client – and I thought she’d do her schtick…

This isn’t making me sound like a very nice person, is it?  Sometimes I’m a little jaded by this online biz.

It was a 15 minute call.

My life changed at moment seven.

Erika asked me why the book wasn’t getting finished (it’s in pieces all over my hard-drive and in my blog), why I’m not yet trying to get an agent, why I haven’t written the proposal. And I blathered something about my fear of rejection.

And she said – and I’m paraphrasing – bullshit.

She said that if the book was important enough to me I’d be willing to stand naked in the town square while being pelted with rotten tomatoes. She said that I’m not finishing the book and forcing it into publication and the world because I’m not passionate enough about it. She said the book I’ve been half-assing is the book I know people will like, the book I can sell, the book that will do reasonably well…but it’s not the book I NEED to write. It’s not the book that will make a rift in the world.

And she was right. And I said, “oh my god, how do I give you money?

And as soon as I got off the phone I logged into paypal to do just that and and then I logged into my blog to write this.

I don’t yet know what The Book, my book, is about. But I’m going to dig deep and find out and then I’ll stand naked in the town square adorned only by my words.

The ones that will make a rift in the world. The ones I need to write. The ones I need to write for you.

Hopefully you won’t throw tomatoes…

But I look good in red.

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