The Unsexy Stories

Ta da!

Usually there’s a build up to that. Magicians know about foreplay.

But sometimes we want to get right to it.

So here it is.

Today is the start of my new short story series, The Unsexy Stories.

They’re ‘the unsexy stories’ because they contain graphic sex – a little or a lot – but they aren’t about getting off. They’re about life. They’re windows into hearts and loves and marriages and maybe even our confused culture that strips sex of its transformative powers and reduces it to titillation and transaction.

These stories are too porn0graphic – that’s not really the right word, because again, they contain sex but they’re not necessarily hawt – for regular Cleavage reading so I’ve located them just beyond the red velvet rope. If you want to come inside, there’s a nominal, variable cover charge. I want you to be sure you want to be there, doing this, reading this. Consent, baby, consent.

But again: these stories are un-erotica. They probably won’t make you want to get some but they might make you want to give some. Love.


With These Rings (excerpt)

I stood there and didn’t choose anything. There were watches, chains, rings. He was new to the country and his gold was an emblem of the privilege of his previous life.

He came up behind me, put an arm around me and picked things out. This necklace. This bracelet. This ring. He wanted me to shine. So I did.

And at the end of the night, when I was undressing, I started to take off the jewelry and return it to the tray on the dresser, and he said no, you’re keeping all of it. I turned to look at him and I saw him. I saw his face and his desire to share. To give. I saw how much he wanted to give me the only things he carried with him, on him, from his life when his wealth made him someone – someone few people could see, now, here.

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Love is a Greater Danger (excerpt)

I’m thinking of him. I’m thinking of the first night we were together. He was above me, kissing me. Leaning in to kiss me, leaning out to look at me, leaning in to kiss me, kissing me. The light in the other room was on and shining behind his head like a halo. That’s what I saw: his face, looking at me, the light behind him, leaning in to kiss me, leaning back to look at me, the light.

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With these Rings: Three Rings, Three Marriages, Several Ends, One Beginning. 2687 words, two sentences of sex.

Love is a Greater Danger: We think casual sex is destructive, but only love – and love-sex – can break your heart. 365 words, almost all of it graphic. And sad.

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