The Love List + Two Sneaky Announcements

Let’s say you’ve got style. You’ve got an eye. Maybe you’re even good at DIY…and you’ve got a house to furnish, fabulously.

Would you hire an interior designer?

I would. Because when you hire a designer or decorator, you’re not only hiring her for her advanced aesthetic; you’re hiring her for her roster of research and resources. She’s had kitchen counters installed umpteen times – she knows what materials work and who shows up on time to install them, perfectly. She can get a plumber to do a small job – because she’s got more work to offer, regularly. She knows the lines of fabric that will work with your vision. You’re hiring her for her connections and experience and ability to execute the project in the time it would take you to research it.

And that’s what I think business peeps and professionals have to offer. It’s what I have to offer, too. I’m a writer and a digital strategist; but what I know and what I share is more than why-to and how-to; a huge part of my skill comes from knowing who-to.

And so I wanted to share my “who” with you.


Lianne Raymond. Woman of Experience. Woman of My Heart. When I talk about Lianne, I want to thump my chest like Celine Dion hitting high notes. When I talk to Lianne, I’m lifted. Empowered. Inspired. Fierce. Lianne is a coach/life poet who imparts ferocious, fabulous, womanly wisdom. Sans bullshit. Amen.

Tanya Geisler. Joy and Clarity incarnate. Joy is both the fuel in her tank and the destination. Clarity is the map – and so you’ve got to check out her Joy Pages and hire her for a Clarity Session. Working with Tanya Geisler – hell, just talking to her – is accountability infused with champagne bubbles. It’s productive intoxication, and YES that’s how I want to live my life and run my business: drunk-in-love with it, rocking it, realizing it.

Not a Coach but Close…

Matthew Stillman. Creative Approacher, One-Problem-Solver, Oracle, Ancient Wisdom in the form of a modern man. Got one intractable issue? You probably don’t need therapy or ongoing coaching for that – you need an objective, creative, agenda-free person to tell you what he sees and suggest practically wacky (and intensely wise) ways to reframe and resolve the problem. This is healing through High Weirdness and it’s wildly necessary. MUST DO.

Writing and Publishing

Justine Musk. Darlings, you’ve got to know her. There are only three people in my life about whom I say, SHE’S GOING TO BE FAMOUS, and she is on that very short, very fabulous list. Justine’s a hot-shit supernatural writer and author and the way she writes about writing (“writer’s porn“) is rich, raw, reflective and trulymadlydeeply educational. And can I just mention in the space of five years she wrote and published three novels AND gave birth three times to six babies? RESPECT.

Larry Brooks. Damn, I like him and his stuff. Storyfix is both a fix in the yum-yum, gimme-some way AND a literal fix because his advice and e-books will fix your writing. If you’re a writer (or want to be), Larry Brooks is a must-read; his books (Story Engineering: 6 Core Competencies; Get Your Bad Self Published; and 101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters) are a must-buy; and he offers manuscript and story-coaching. The man is the storyfixer.

Online Platform Raising, Rising, Shining

Danielle LaPorte. “Cash is King, Intuition is Queen” declares Danielle LaPorte but darlings, I think that’s not quite right. I think Danielle LaPorte is The Queen of Rising and Shining, Online (and everywhere). I credit Danielle LaPorte with inspiring me to leap into the online world and declare myself a writer. That’s life-changing, path-altering, soul-gratifying stuff made all the more meaningful by her gravelly practicality. It’s one thing to tell you to follow your dreams – every success guru and wannabe leader says that – but another thing to insist that you clarify your dreams, be faithful to who you are…and then build a platform to make it all happen. That’s practical magic. That’s now my life. Danielle LaPorte lit me up. If you don’t already, you MUST own her Firestarter Sessions. I insist. With fiery conviction.

Website Development/Wordpress Gurus

Dave Doolin. I read Dave Doolin’s Website In a Weekend every day. It’s part of my job as a blogger who always wants to do and be better. I’ve got certain posts bookmarked (check out this cool trick for linking to a paragraph rather than a whole piece in Practical WordPress Tip #18 – I do, several times a week); I refer to his Blog Post Engineering  (especially the checklist) on a daily basis; AND  I insist that my Red Shoe clients get their mitts on this excellent and exhaustive book/tome/encycopedia of blog-post publishing. If you want to know how to truly publish – not just write – a blog post so that Google and your people will love it up, then Blog Post Engineering is your not-so-secret weapon. Don’t blog without it.

Amanda Farough. She of the violet mind, zombies, stunning hair styles and stellar website design. She designed my site. She’s got my back with her most excellent maintenance package. Her design is clean, gorgeous, and heavy on hot typography. She rocks my world, so much so that I had to start a business with her. Which brings me to…

Sneaky Announcement #1:

Amanda and I are unlaunching (meaning this announcement is pretty much the extent of the launch) a new biznez called red+purple.

Red is for Red Shoe Blogger (moi), Purple is for violetminded Design (Amanda) and together our mission and madcap methodology can be condensed into these winning formulas:

 our compelling copy + artful design = your gorgeous, money-making website.

red + purple = money.

red + purple = brand. Business. Love. You. From header to footer, adjective to pixel.

This means we create a brand narrative, write all your fixed pages (About, Bio, Sales Pages, etc), and design and develop your graphic identity and website. We’ve also got an SEO Queen and Conversion Expert on staff, so not only will your brand be artful, authentic and outrageous, it will work – for humans, search engines and sales.


Adam T. Glass. I’m pretty sure the T stands for T-Rex, which he wishes he could hunt. With a chainsaw. Doesn’t sound like my thing, right? Wrong. I’m madly in love with him, and here’s why: he’s like the testosterone-infused inverse of Lianne Raymond. He’s pure masculinity and a man of experience – and I’m convinced he’s a mostly-undiscovered genius. In his circle, he’s The Man, but more people in the wider world need to know about him. Adam’s a ferociously fit trainer who isn’t wed to any particular fitness orthodoxy (and in fact vociferously rejects orthodoxies of any kind) and although he knows that he knows his stuff, he insists that you are the expert of your body. What he wants to teach you is how to teach yourself to get better, every day. Adam helped Josh Hanagarne (World’s Strongest Librarian) manage Tourette’s; rehabilitated a man who broke his back when his parachute didn’t open; and helped heal – through specific movement training – more than 300 people with more ordinary problems like “my back hurts”. When my loverloverman had movement-related muscle pain that threatened his ability to do his job, Adam was who we reached out to for super-specific, gotta-fix-this training. Right away. LOVELOVELOVE Adam T. Glass.


Erica Cosminsky. I recommend Erica Cosminsky’s The Small Business Transcriptionist at least five times a week. I sing her praises daily, to every one of my clients and everyone in the online game.  Her transciptions are consistently excellent, her rates are fair (more than fair, really), and her process is seamless. I upload an MP3 and 24 hours later (sometimes sooner!) I receive an e-mail notice that the transcription is ready. I download the transcription. I dance the happy dance. You will, too.

Sneaky Announcement #2:

As of Friday, May 6,  I’m raising the price of my Red Shoe Blogger Digital Strategy Session to $300.

And it is truly, madly, deeply worth it.

I research/review/stalk your site and your writing until I’ve got so much practical advice for you that I can’t fit it all in an hour (most sessions go over). If you get your session transcribed (I provide you with the MP3 recording), you’ll end up with 30+ page action plan – and that action plan isn’t generic, how-to-blog-better advice, it’s specific to you, your niche, and all your secret aspirations.

The new price will include a week of unlimited e-mail access to me so you can pepper me with questions as you process the session and start implementing my advice. Darling, you’ve got my unwavering love and support. And action. Promise.

What you get from a Red Shoe Blogger session is not just a yellow-brick-road map…it’s a treasure map.

So let’s get to steppin’. On May 6th (next Friday), the price for one Red Shoe Blogger session + one week of unlimited e-mail access/love/support goes up to $300 – but until then you can sneak in a session (or three!)  at $100 each

And – this isn’t a ‘manufacturing scarcity/urgency’ tactic to get you to BUY NOW, DAMMIT. It’s just a gentle, as-inclusive-as-possible, advance heads-up. Delivered with a full heart and the hope that we’ll work together to make your thing The Thang. xoxo.

Not Quite Another Sneaky Announcement: I’m going to keep adding to my Love List, possibly weekly, because I’ve got a posse of peeps and services and resources that is deep and excellent and I want to share them with you. These professionals have made a difference in my world and my business and I know they can work their magic for you, too.

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