Big Girls Don’t Bang. Oh Wait, They DO! Just Ask CJ Wright. (I Did.)


CJ Wright is a liar. He’s got to be, because despite my personal experiences – which, unfortunately, I often assume are the exception rather than the norm –  nothing in our North American culture or mainstream media has prepared me for his romantic and sexual preferences.

He’s pretty hot. He’s got abs that that look like a river rock bed after the water has fled, an ass as taut two soccer balls and a mischievious, meant-to-seduce smile. And I suspect he’s got a few dollars in his pocket, too. His Van Nuys-based business is doing well.

So CJ’s young, good looking and very likely earns more than six figures. In Los Angeles. This is significant. David Spade once exclaimed that in LA (or anywhere) any guy – young, old, ugly, handsome, awkward, smooth – who earns more than a hundred grand can have a honey or a wannabe bunny on his arm.

But the blue-eyed blondes weighing in at 120 lbs or less, with 14 of those pounds in silicon implants? Those California girls from everywhere except California?

Not for him, CJ says. He likes ‘em big.

Or so he says. He may be young (he’s in his late twenties but asked me not to name the number) but he’s built a thriving, profitable and unique business in less than a year. He’s a savvy business man. He knows a hot ‘n heavy niche market when he sees it.

CJ, you see, is a pornographer. After years of performing in mainstream straight porn, he started his own company producing, directing, and performing in porn flicks featuring fat chicks (definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK). And in an industry widely acknowledged to be in a bit of downturn – soft – right now, he’s going hard at it.

So of course he says he likes to pull fat women. They’re his business, after all, as are the men who like to fuck them. Best not to alienate your suppliers or your customers.

“No, really,” he insists. “Big girls have always been my thing. When I turned nineteen and was finally allowed into the Adult Video Store, that’s what I was looking for. Big girl porn. And even when I was working in mainstream porn, what I wanted to watch, myself, was big girl porn. And when I took a look at what was out there, it didn’t do much for me. The production values were wack.”

“I know!” I exclaim. “Whenever I watch low-budget or amateur porn, for example, I’m so turned off by the bad decor – the horrible hotel rooms, the messy bedrooms, the filthy carpet – that I can’t get off at all.”

CJ knows exactly what I’m talking about because offering better than that is his angle. “Yeah,” he says, “the sets are bad and the guys in most BBW porn…well they don’t really look like they like what they’re doing. They aren’t really into big girls. And, let’s be honest, not many of those guys look like me. I work out, and I take care of my body, I’m not out clubbing and partying, I don’t drink or smoke…”

“What about sex?” I ask. “This is something I wonder about porn performers – what is sex like in your personal life, when you do it for a job? Are there days you come home from work, and your woman is all hot ‘n bothered, and you’re like, baby I did that all day. No thanks.”

“Well,” he says, “I only fuck on camera.”


“Yes. I want my movies to be intense…I want people to feel what I’m feeling. So I wait until I find a chick I really want to bang, and I make her my girlfriend for the day. Hair, nails, clothes, shoes, makeup – I take care of all of that. So what you see in my movies, it’s real. I only fuck chicks I’m really into. And then when we fuck, we’re both really feeling it.

“And  my audience notices,” he continues. “I hear things  like CJ, you and _____ must really be a couple. You must be fucking off-screen. The  chemistry between the two of you is HOT.”

That’s his goal, CJ tells me, to make personal porn and make porn personal.

And he’s doing that.

His movies really are him and he’s a young, straight male on the rise. Sometimes the clothes who chooses for the female performers seem more about his vision of ‘hot’ than about what makes the women look hot. (But they’re waaaaaaay better than most BBW porn.) The sex is still porn sex, more about docking more than fucking. And the movies that have preambles involving acting are all about him – his dominance, desirability and business acumen. They’re about the money, baby.  He’s getting his shoes polished, or interviewing a woman who wants to be his personal assistant…and then fucking the shit out of his supplicants. (Yes, please!) The threesomes between women seem robotic – none of them seem over-the-top into each other, and the threesomes with two men and a woman are more about plowing the chick than they are about getting her off. Most heterosexual porn is like that, really.

But here’s the thing: he’s having  fun in his films, and it shows.

CJ is something not a lot of porn performers are: he’s likeable. During our interview I came to like him lots and wow, do I like watching him fuck. His fucking is an athletic event. His films contain unguarded, un-pornified moments that liquefy me. Moments when he grins at the woman he’s fucking, or they laugh, or he kisses her so real it makes her smile with satisfaction. Most porn is serious, so those lighter, sweeter moments are truly…sexy. I watch some immediately after getting off the phone. I get off. It is good.

Later, I write him something nice about how great it has been to talk to him and how much I appreciated his time. We text back and forth about my upcoming trip to Vegas. He implies he’d be willing to drive from Van Nuys to Las Vegas to meet me. And then I get a text from him. “Any time you’re ready.”

I’m giddy like the geeky girl asked to prom by The Hot Guy. After all, the whole reason I interviewed CJ Wright in the first place is because I like pretty-fat-girl-banging-hot-black-guy porn. He’s the hot black guy. I’m the pretty fat girl. We should totally fuck.

Alas, it is not to be. There’s an insurmountable obstacle between us and The Fucking: he only fucks ON camera, and I only fuck OFF…camera, that is.

But I was tempted (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!) and sometimes I still think about how much I’d like to sex CJ Wright, who says he likes fat chicks (and has a whole bunch of films to prove it) only fucks women he really likes, and apparently wanted to fuck me. True story.


PS this piece is my contribution to #ladyporn day instigated by sex journalist Rachel RabbitWhite. Provocateurs like Betty Dodson and Cindy Gallop are participating. And me. Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

PPS I wouldn’t mind at all if you bought my PORN t-shirt. You can do that here.


PPS This is my friend Stephen wearing the PORN shirt by Cleavage. Stephen lives in London. He sent me this photo as evidence of the extent of Cleavage’s “fashion influence on homosexual residents of Britain”. I swear that’s a direct quote.

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