this I know

  1. Generosity is the antidote to (non-clinical) depression.
  2. It is also the  antidote to stuck.
  3. There is no stuck.
  4. Learn the art of the reframe. It is a life-saving device.
  5. There is an invisible border between the strategic, necessary reframe and spin. If you find that fence, walk it like a cat: with dignity, insouciance and caution.
  6. Fear is inevitable. Make room for it. It isn’t a hurdle. It’s fuel.
  7. Your value is not your price. My self-worth is independent of my fee.
  8. When selling your art, practice regret-free pricing. How much is a painting worth? The number that will not make you sorry to sell it.
  9. When selling your time, practice resentment-free pricing. Your fee should ensure you won’t resent the person with whom you’re working.
  10. The client who chooses you because you’re the cheapest will make you regret your existence, wonder if you’re any good at what you do, and question whether you want to stay in business. Say no. Eat a month of rice rather than making nice.
  11. Excellence, not perfection.
  12. Business models are iterative. You’ll probably ditch your business model and business plan three months into the game. Opportunities will define your business model. Your response will define your success.
  13. Ditto for brand and websites. They’re living entities. They don’t have to be finished when you launch. In fact, they can’t be. Don’t wait ’til they’re perfect to do your thing. That’s your insecurity talking and insecurity is the pause button of human machines.
  14. Brand is an ethic.
  15. The urge to create is divine. It’s a telephone line to God.
  16. Love. Worship. Create. Share.
  17. There’s no such thing as sacrifice. Every trade you make – for love, for art, for your children, for your business, yourself – is service to that which you love.
  18. Self-promotion is the service you perform for your art. It isn’t icky, brazen or distasteful. It is service to yourself and the world.
  19. Marketing is a creative opportunity and an extension of your art. Make it juicy. Enjoy.
  20. Over-prepare.
  21. “You” is a relief, an invitation, and a competitive advantage. Business is always personal.
  22. Love your people, in life and business, because there is no distinction.
  23. Everything I know about business I learned from love.
  24. And blogging.


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