The Previously Undisclosed Secret to Parallel Parking (and, quite possibly, lasting love)

Parallel parking is my super-sexy-secret power.

Using only my wits, a manual transmission and a steering wheel, I can maneuver a thousand pounds of metal in and out of spaces so small they should require a can opener.

And I can do it consistently. With crowds of people watching and cheering. With the guy I want (always) to impress (always) in the car.

True story.

We were going to breakfast at my favourite joint in Fort Langley – ohhhh, the evil omelettes, ohhhhh the wicked weekend line-ups – and parking in that ‘hood is almost always a challenge. But lo! there was a spot. A very tiny spot, and a very long line of traffic behind me.

I lined up my passenger door with the driver door of the car ahead of my spot, backed in until the curb was in the middle of my rear view mirror, continued reversing while rolling the steering wheel the other way…and I was in, and tight to the curb too.

It was spectacular. I was spectacular.

And my newish man smiled at me and said Wow.

That was seven months ago and I don’t remember if we had sex that morning (of course we did), and it’s probably inappropriate to say if we had sex this morning (of course we did!), but let’s assume this driving lesson does indeed instruct.

The ability to parallel park can get you laid.

And maybe even loved.

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