boundaries vs disposable friendships: a checklist

…and this morning maybe I have the (possibly self-righteous) answer to the question that is haunting me:

How can I tell when I’m casually disposing of a friendship or ending it to protect or establish a necessary boundary?

(Or, in other words, not being a martyr or a doormat or hanging in there with someone who doesn’t truly care about me in words and deed.)

and the answer is…

A checklist. Clearly I’ve been body-snatched.

  1. Was I brave?
  2. Was I open-hearted?
  3. Did I ask for what I need?
  4. Could I do more to fix this?
  5. Did I offer and try my very best?
  6. Is the other person trying his/her very best, too?
  7. If I walk away, do I know, to my bones, that I did all I could do?

and, finally:

endings aren’t forever. They might just be for now. Sometimes we grow up and come back together. Sometime we grow apart. Sometimes we grow.

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