How to Get Unstuck, Part 1: There Is No Stuck

The first part of getting unstuck is acknowledging – and recognizing – what  Lianne Raymond and Marianne Elliott told me: there is no stuck.

Progress is not linear; progress is cyclical; and part of the process is rest and winter…and stuck is winter. Stuck is not stuck.

Stuck is not a barrier you need to overcome. Stuck is not a glitch. Stuck is not a detour. Stuck is not in your way. Stuck is part of the way.

Stuck is actually part of the creative process.

You cycle up, you create great stuff, you create more, and then you need to rest.

Rest. Recharge. Winter.

So that’s the first part of getting unstuck: realizing that stuck isn’t actually stuck.

Stuck is rest. Stuck is part of the process.

And then, emotionally speaking, stuck can be a whole number of things.

Stuck can be fear.

Stuck can be a warning that you’re going somewhere you don’t want to go.

Stuck can be your own resistance and I think we all know from the Bible Star Trek that resistance is futile. Your practicality might fight your heart but your heart wants what it wants. The heart is a predator – a lonely hunter, an organ of fire, a bucking bronco. Desire will make you do what you need to do, so your practicality best saddle up and ride.

Because there’s no use fighting what you want. It wants you back. You two should totally get together.

Really, only good things happen when you cuddle up on the couch together.

I’ve written about this before: it’s best to get comfy with your fears.

And one of those fears is stuck.

But, just like Fight Club (or at least the fight club in my head: there is no fight club) there is no stuck.

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