Operation Secret Valentine

Dearest darlingest most beloved Reader (yes, baby, that’s you),

In response to my piece on Valentine’s Day (Love is my religion! Valentine’s Day is my Christmas!), Bruce Nunnally wrote,

it is important to note that the adoption of paper valentines delivered by post made it possible for valentines to be delivered anonymously. This in turn led to more racy verse. So perhaps you should invite Readers to post Valentines they would LIKE to send to their true love, but dare not?


Operation Secret Valentine is in effect.

‘Cept it doesn’t have to be secret, unless you want it to be.

If you had the boldness/courage/sheer stupidity/evolutionarily problematic lack of fear, what Valentine are you aching to send?

To who?

What would it say?


You, publicly: Answer on your own blog (text images, whatever). Sign up on the list or link back (here’s a badge) so I know where to look.


You, privately: e-mail me your valentine or comment below (enter “anonymous” instead of your name and don’t include your URL).


(and by “me”, I mean me and Amanda Farough)

  1. I’ll create an e-book of all the secret(ish) valentines and post it on Cleavage (free, no e-mail addy required).

Are you in?

The badge and the list are below.  ‘Course you can play, privately too. Feel free to e-mail me your secret valentines at kelly at kellydiels dot com.

Love love love…can’t wait to read your sweet, sizzling, heartfelt, anguished, mundane love notes.




Operation Secret Valentine. Where you can find all the not-so-secret love notes:

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