the blogging for money game seems a ballsy one, to me

I have this idea – more of an observation than a fully-fleshed out structural theory – that the how-to-make-money-online blogging conventions are pretty male.

The model:

person has a question/problem, types it into Google, follows links to pages that rank high for those query keywords, lands on a page of an ‘online authority’, who ultimately provides – for sale – a ‘solution’ to that problem

and so, to capture that traffic and convert it to a sale, probloggers aim to rank highly on Google (authority), structure themselves as likeable, trustable experts (authority), and offer infoproducts that solve problems

the bloggers, then, who will be successful, are the ones who follow this model, exploit it, and provide solutions

that’s how you monetize. You capture the questions and provide the solutions.

and, as a result of this process, and as a function of how people read online, effective blog posts are structured in a particular way:

  • pithy headlines
  • short sentences and paragraphs and just short, in general
  • body text carved into sections using Headers to facilitate scanning
  • lists
  • brief, lean and to-the-point (the solution, the tip, the hack)

my observation: the information-finding model and the genre conventions are linear, analytical and about problem-solving and solutions

my beef: the websites that provide solutions are the least bewitching and entrancing to me (with an exception or two, and usually that’s due to a relationship I’ve got with the blogger, or by how deeply they’ve embedded their personality in their prose)

and…A-list solution bloggers = men

probloggers tend to be men

hell, bloggers, it seems, tend to be men

this linear, solution-hunting model and attendant blog-writing genre just feels very male to me

and so lots of the advice – even the basic genre conventions – about how to be a successful problogger just plain put me off

and that’s it. That’s my observation.

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