The Help Haiti Blog Challenge: There’s More.

Yesterday my friend Julie Roads wrote about conquering fears, and jumping and ladders and stairs and elevators:

I wish I could send an ‘elevator’ of help to Haiti. I know times are hard for people all over the world right now, but if you have anything to spare, please text “haiti” to 90999 and make a donation to the Red Cross’s relief efforts. You can also make a donation via their website. May the pain and suffering of these people somehow be eased by the care and support of people everywhere…

Three other charities that are working to help Haiti:

Doctors Without Borders
Oxfam America
Yéle Haiti

And I thought about that all day. I thought: how can I help? I’ve got next to no cash to spare.

And so I thought: I’ve got something to offer. I’ve got a skill. I can convert that skill to cash to a donation. That’s a contribution. It is not a lot, but it is something.

And then when I was thinking, it is not a lot, I started thinking about how a whole lot of little things add up into something significant.

I know, it is not rocket science.

So that is the impulse behind the Help Haiti Blog Challenge: give of yourself. Find a way to raise a little money. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds. Donate the next sale. Give whatever you’ve got to share. Encourage others to do the same. Do something.

As my friend Mike said in the comments to my first post:

You could check your bank balance right now. Work out what you need to last until the end of the month, then send whatever is spare to The Red Cross, RIGHT NOW.

And you could do it without publicity or a link to your product, and without posting a badge on your blog to tell the world about it.

It would be giving without receiving, and it will feel good.

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