The Help Haiti Blog Challenge. You Can Do It. We Can Do It. Together.

Like you, I’m all torn up about Haiti.

But I haven’t said a word about it. To anyone.

There’s a reason why.

Talking Gets In The Way of Action

I think complaining and venting can be enervating. You’ve got this uncomfortably hot issue simmering and boiling and producing steam…and then you vent. All that energy dissipates into the atmosphere. You’re comfortable again. And so you carry on.

And nothing changes.

So complaining – letting off steam – is an escape valve, and the escape is inertia. Complacency. A democracy of noisy theory and a prison of inaction.

I wore this skeptical hat during the Iran elections. We tinted our avatars green and changed our locations to Tehran while journalists and pundits and the US State Department discovered social media. OH YE GODS OF DEMOCRACY, the revolution will be Twitterized!

And yet. I’m an idealist, a believer in Democracy, and a lover of all things people. Your people are my people. My people are yours.

In this online, virtual world of ours, our people are everywhere. Our people is Haiti. And Haiti – our people – needs and deserves help right now.

I feel pretty helpless about that. What can I do? What can I really do? The magnitude of need is vast and my wallet is small.

So I’ve stewed and brewed and steamed about it – and refrained from saying a word about it, so that the pressure to do something would get so intolerable that I’d get an idea and be driven into action.

Here’s that idea, the action, and call to action.

The Help Haiti Now Blog Challenge

In the blog-o-sphere, we talk a lot about making money: how we’re not making money, how we are, how we want to, how to, and please buy this because it will help you make money.

And we’re talking and blogging and social networking and creating products and selling services and talking and blogging and social networking and creating and you get the idea.

So, even those of us who don’t have a lot of money have something to contribute.

Ideas. Services. Products. A network of people who like you and listen to you. Influence.

Yesterday, Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth tweeted:

I’ll donate my full Fire Starter Session fee ($300) to Haiti causes to 1st person who books in and pays today…Please RT.

That’s smart and heartfelt. There’s a very big truth in that small tweet.

What have you got to give? YOURSELF.

That’s my challenge to myself, and to bloggers and readers and internet marketers and crafters and entrepreneurs and you.

You’ve got something to offer: whether it is an e-book, a course, a consultation, a mowed lawn, knitted booties, a tweet or an e-mailed plea to your closest friends. You have something to contribute.

Do what Danielle did, and offer a trade: your thing for cash, to donate to charity doing relief work in Haiti.

(The Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and Partners in Health are all great candidates for your donations.)

The ability to contribute is power and power is a gift. That’s a gift that you have and one you can share. Please do.

How To Join the Help Haiti Blog Challenge. What You Can DO.

Remember Gwen Bell‘s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge? It brought a LOT (700+) of people together. Which got me thinking…a blog challenge is a way to rally together and have a big impact through a lot of little actions.

Hence: The Help Haiti Blog Challenge. Let’s do it.

Here’s how we can share, together, so we can give, together, to our people who need and deserve help in Haiti.

  1. Sign up for the Help Haiti Blog Challenge (below). Write about it on your blog and tag it “Help Haiti Blog Challenge“. Ask your people to join you and do the same.
  2. Add the Help Haiti Blog Challenge badge to your blog.
  3. Make your offer: I will donate ________ dollars to _________ on behalf of the next person who buys _________ from me.
  4. Make your donation and tell us how much you donated.
  5. Tweet about it using the hashtag #haitiblogchallenge. Update your facebook status with a request to pass on the message and the call to action. Send e-mails. Everywhere you are, online, talk about the Help Haiti Blog Challenge, tag it, and call your friends, family, colleagues – your people –  to action.

Let’s gather our online people to help our real-life people.

You can do this. We can do this. And it will be bigger than anything we could have done alone.

Pass it on.


Kelly Diels is a writer and will donate $200 to the Red Cross on behalf of the next person who books and pays for a page of website copy. You can e-mail her at

Amanda Farough designed the badge and the did the code thing and set up the list function. For free. Just because she cares.

Please feel free to copy and share this essay and call-to-action as widely as possible.

To join The Help Haiti Blog Challenge, please sign up on the list below so we can all keep track of the good work we’re going to do. Thank you so much.


Here are a couple of badges for you to wear on your site. And some code to use it. Just copy+paste it. It’s good to go.

Large Badge

Help Haiti Blog Challenge

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" />

Small Badge

Help Haiti Blog Challenge Small

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" />

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