What’s Your Currency? Why I Write About Money.

This week I meant to end the year by writing three posts:

  • Why I Write About Sex
  • Why I Write About Money (this here thing you’re reading right now)
  • Why I Write About Meaning

Together they were going to form my trifecta of fabulous, my manifesta, my  polemic. My launch into the New Year with a clear heart and clear intentions.

Then…delicious distraction. I had so much fun with the first one that I haven’t made it to the other two. They’re still in my cauldron, a-brewin’, but…hey. The new year is in hours. They’re not all going to be here, by then.

All of these things, plus the end of the year, and the beginning of something special

– and more special than the New Year *which isn’t special at all, really, because the event of New Years Eve is overhyped, overpriced and wildly under-taxi’ed* are all the secret projects I’m imagining and conjuring and constructing…think Goddesss, think Godiva (the story, not the chocolate), think frenzy, think Truth, mmmm I am and it is gonna be goooood –

coalesced into a question:

What’s your currency?

Currency. Coin. Let’s talk about money.

I write about money because I like shiny things, but more and more, I’m realizing that money is not my currency. Maybe – ‘though I kvetch and complain that I’m not making much – because I have enough.  More doesn’t do much more for me except magnetically attract more possessions to my house which requires more maintenance and care from me and I don’t have time for that. I have enough money and stuff. I don’t have enough time.

I write about money because I want to have another baby.

(Money might not be the only missing ingredient. I’ve heard a rumour that man-parts are necessary for this project, too.)

I write about money because it is fun.

I write about money because money is a measure of success, and I do want success. Money is just a way to articulate and document success. Money is a way to say – mostly to myself –  see people DO like me and my writing and I’m on to something and this isn’t just a cute hobby. This thing I do – it is about truth. And talent. And coin.

I write about money because, online, that’s credibility. If you’re blogging and you’re making money, then you’re For Real. There are millions of people blogging and about 15 (I jest, but not really) making serious coin.

I write about money because I’m about creativity, and art, and money is the foundation from which those flow. I cannot create when I’m worried. Bills paid, regularly and in full, form my bedrock.

So I write about money because I want to make a living from my writing. My creative writing. I’m feeling my way to freelance, to publishing, to hot online content that I can sell. I’m figuring it out. Mostly right in front of your eyes.

And all of this figuring-money-out led me to figure something out:

Money is not my currency.

Adulation is my currency. Love feeds my wolf. I just wanna be a famous writer.


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PPPS – What’s YOUR currency?

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