my 2010 list: all yes, one no, all truth, shine.

2010: truth.

2010: no crumbs. no earning it. choose. chosen.

2010: magazine pieces.

2010: women. art. divine.

2010: beyond rubies and emeralds. above rubies and pearls.

2010: glow.

2010: write. create. love. books. jewels.

2010: give. share.

2010: my love.

2010: godiva. nekkid ladies. me. mmmm now that’s a project.

2010: photoshoots with @anastasiaphotog (me ‘n kids), @cathyempey (me ‘n not much) and Ricardo Scipio (me ‘n nothin’).

2010: no numbers. they are limits. no limits.

2010: communion.

2010: shine.

2010: truth.

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