Focus. Let’s Get Some and Then Enjoy My Cleavage. A Re-Vamp.

Don’t go away. It is still me, but this time I’m all dressed up and ready to go. Let me tell you all about it…


Recently my three year old and I were out-and-about when she told me she needed to pee.

When a three year old tells you that she needs to pee, what she really means is “I needed to pee five minutes ago”.

Accordingly, I assessed the situation as CRITICAL.

We were at a festival and nowhere near anything resembling a toilet so I suggested that she go on the grass behind a log.

She looked at me in abject, outraged horror and exclaimed,

Mommy, I am not a DOG. I don’t pee on the GRASS. I am a HUMAN. I use the BATHROOM.


So this blog revamp is like that.

You’re accustomed to better. You deserve more. You weren’t getting it on my old site.

The comments on my old blog were awkward to use so conversations got short-shrift.  There were no pages telling you about me, what I do, or even about the blog, itself. There was no focus. No map of our subject matter. No pins saying “you are here” or “let’s go there!”, together.

The old blog was just ungainly and uncivilized. It was camping.

Camping is fine when it is temporary. After that, it is too much work for too little reward and then there are mosquitoes.

We needed new, vastly improved digs for our party.

I want you to have a beautifully designed space that is clean and easy to use and encourages you to stay awhile and say your piece.

But no peeing. Anywhere. Thank you.

(I know you wouldn’t. It was my fault for drawing a blog/bathroom/camping analogy. What was I thinking???)


Why the revamp? It was time. It was way past time. Blogs without a focus are a waste of time.

I think this is true.  I started blogging as a soul-sick, art-hungry act of desperation. My blog was a writing prompt. I wanted to write on a regular basis and have my work read and that was the extent of my goal. There was no lens to peer through, no grand strategy, and no name.

And then I found you.

Even though there nothing telling you what to expect, and why you should come back, you kept coming back.

For that, I am grateful. Truly.


So now that I’m all dressed up, wearing my good bra, and oh-so-ready for our steamy liaison, where are we going and what are we going to do together?

Here at Cleavage – a sexy word that means more than you might think – we’re going to talk about sex, money and meaning. We’re going to think, talk, write, and live our way through the lines that shape us.

But only if you want to. I hope you do.  Please tell me.


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