Welcome (or How Not to Write a First Blog Post)

Apparently there are rules to blogging and first blog posts. I’m supposed to tell you who I am, why I am blogging, what I will be blogging about, how you can leave feedback – and do it in 500 words or less, because we’re all too lazy to read anything more.

In essence, this post is the text version of an elevator pitch.

Well, dear readers, here it is.

This blog is a personal and social experiment. What happens when an overweight, broke, semi-lost but pretty smart single mom decides to rewrite her life in 18 months or less?

In short, my plan is to write, reflect and act my way into a life of purpose and passion. I’d love it if you would join me on the journey.

About the author

Kelly Diels I'm Kelly Diels. I'm a writer, the founder of Cleavage (The Lines that Shape Us), and I wrote this blog post just for you. You can also find me on Twitter and darlin', please do. xoxo, K

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